Interview with Allan Putney. Allan Putney was a former Lithuanian Social Club president and a prominent Lithuanian culture advocate from Bellshill. Allan has greatly contributed to preserving Lithuanian customs and community in Lanarkshire. Here Allan speaks about the Lithuanian social club, Carfin grotto, his mother’s photograph amongst other female brick-workers as well as his family’s day to day life

1. (a, b, c, d, e) Juozas Pautienis (later Putney), Allan’s father’s, aliens registration book
2. Juozas Pautienis (approx. 1920)
3. Adele Kulšiauskaite (top row), Allan’s mother, with her parents and siblings. (approx. 1910)
4. Kazimieras Kulšiauskas (later Charles) and Onutė Kulšiauskiene, Allan’s grandparents, in Scotland.
5. Adelė Kulšiauskaite
6. Adele Kulšiauskaite
7. Adele Kulšiauskaite (middle, bottom row) and other women workers at Carfin brickworks (approx. 1920)
8. Unknown Lithuanian Carfin brickworks (approx. 1920)
9. Funeral of Lithuanian priest Juozas Petraukas in Bellshill (approx. 1930)
10. Lithuanian choir in Scotland (approx. 1980)
11. Lithuanian choir in Scotland (approx. 1980)
12. Scotland’s Lithuanians greeting Pope John, who also had Lithuanian blood, in Bellahouston park, Glasgow (1982)